Brakka Units offers a practical, sustainable and trendy housing option, transforming shipping containers into an affordable and green alternative to conventional housing. We endeavour to gain full understanding of your requirements and conditions to be able to present a product that suits your needs and budget. 

In order to encourage the use of sustainable energy we offer quality solar panel systems to competitive prices. 

For hurricane areas we make sure your house is safe with certified hurricane impact rated windows and/or shutters.

Shipping container house, 2x40ft containers, one with kitchen, bathroom and living area, one with toilet and bedroom/bedrooms. - Brakka Units developments
Off grid housing package
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Make money with a Tiny house


I want to share my great appreciation for the services received from you since we are in communication through emails.  I have always felt a special client even if the project was most probably a small one for you.  You have always given your very professional attention to my requests by responding quickly and very precisely.  All information obtained from you was clear and detailed and this was an important aspect for me to take a decision in full knowledge.  The drawings were precise and very impressive, the 360 Deg, all side/top views etc… I was in professional hands with Brakka.


I also felt your real desire to meet my financial limits and tried your best to reduce your quote to an amount that was close to my initial budget.  I sincerely thank you for all your concern

Denis Koenig, Mauritius

I think there are doing a fine job with these tiny homes or houses for people that are down sizing, and they are affordable.

Kenya Nairn Cash, Bahamas