About us


BrakkaUnits.developments is a company for anyone looking for a fairly sustainable, fairly cheap, very cool, practical and modern house, to be delivered in a fairly short period of time.


Our idea was to develop a production line that is modern and holds good quality to a lower price than many of the gorgeous dwellings that are built by established and professional container home builders in Europe, the USA and Australia. We liked the thought of a shipping container home being within financial reach for anyone with a smaller to bigger budget. 


A second motivation has been sustainability. Shipping container homes are not perfectly ECO-friendly, but as the entire house structure is a steel box, no new building materials are needed, and a lot of excess material is avoided. We have also chosen sustainable materials such as bamboo flooring, and we offer solar power to very competitive prices to encourage the use of green energy.

Why converted containers?

When you need a simple but modern and functionable guest or pool house a teen cave, a vacation house, office or a permanent home for the whole family, a shipping container house is a trendy, durable and affordable solution with no delays from busy contractors, no machines and material spill parts laying around. In stead of having workers driving back and forth to your site for months, when ordering a  Brakka House your house will arrive ready made.

Our standard models, modifications of them or your own design, we're up for the challenge.

Our company i based in Sweden with an office in Coffs Harbour, Australia. Our products are built in Sri Lanka where we have partnered up with the professional and experienced design- and production team Hayleys Advantis. 


We're here to promptly answer any questions and give you advice, information and suggestions for your house project.

 We speak fluent Swedish, English, German and French.