Steel box benefits

The only disadvantage we can think of using containers to build a house, is that the size of a container is fixed;  its size is restricted to the measures of the container. But if you consider using two or more, you can laborate with them and get variations to your layout and size.

LOW PRICE: You could build your own 20 feeter for as little as 2000 USD, but it's a lot of work. Instead you can have them manufactured by a professional team in no time. All our units are made out of clean, new or one time used shipping containers, they are insulated and have water, electricity and plumbing systems installed and all cut-outs steel framed. You decide doors and windows placement, what clutter and ad-ons such as terrace, stairs, roof, lamps, solar panels you want. Doing it on your own is fun, but it takes knowledge, time, money and help from friends or hired personel. We offer a solution to figure your project out to a low cost and let professionals do the work. 

SAFETY: These houses dont flicker in strong wind and dont let water in, so if you live in a shitty weather or earthquake frequented zone, this type of fort knox is definitely a good choice. You will be completely safe in a storm or during floodings if your house is correctly attached to a foundation. They are also better than wood if you have termites or other bugs that like eating houses, they cant chew on these.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Yes, reusing an already existing structure means a lot less production outlet and waste material. 

DURABLE: These are strong, durable buildings demanding very little maintenace. The shipping containers last up to 50 years with a minimum of maintenance. Our flat pack units have a 15-20 years life span, but the removable wall panels can simply be replaced one by one if dammaged. 

MODULAR: If one day you need a bigger house, you can easily expand it by adding another unit to it since they are stackable and easy to assemble. Only your budget and imagination set a limit to how many modules you want to assemble and in what way.

BEAUTIFUL: That's in the eyes of the beholder of course, but there is a certain charm to these houses whether you like the raw industrial container look, of if you prefer the more traditional looking container house with added exterior wooden panels and roof. Each house is different, that's the beauty of it.

TRENDY: More and more people are becoming aware of the financial and practical advantages of setting up a container home, an office or a commercial building. They are more popular in some parts of the world; in South East Asia, Australia, Canada, the USA and South America there are quite a lot of container house owners by now, but also the Europeans seem to be following the trend. 

We hope you will too. Good luck with your project!