Your house project



1. First of all, decide if you want a shipping container or a flat packed container house. Flat packs are cheaper and easier to install and stack vertically. Read more about the two different types here

2. How big do you want your house to be? We have 40ft and 20ft units to put together, only your imagination and budget set the limits. You can draw a plan on a paper showing how you want to assemble the units and your preferred layout. Or you can just describe it all to us in an email and we'll make a draft to start with. We also have a variety of floor plans ready for you to revise and adjust. 

3. When we have an exact understanding of your requirements, we will send you an updated quote and the 3D Live view of your house. We will adjust until you're perfectly happy. As soon as we recieve the first downpayment we start building your house, keeping you updated throughout the progress.

4. When your house is ready to be shipped you pay the resting 50% and your house will be shipped and delivered immediately. The whole process can take 15-65 days depending on the size of your house and the distance it has to travel.

If you don't want to do a lot of customizing, we have standard models with ready made floor plans and quotes. There are also a variety of floor plans on Pinterest you can use. Just pick one or two you like and send us for a validation and quote.