Shipping container gym specifications

Shipping container gym

External size:

6m (L) 2,437m (W) 2,591/2,857m (H)

12,19m(L) x 2,437m(W) x 2,591/2,857m(H)

Internal size:

5,8m(L) 2,4m (W) 2,46/2,7m(H)

11,8m(L) 2,3m (W) 2,46/2,7m (H)


1800 kgs (20ft) 

3800 kgs (40ft)

Insulation: EPS / Glasswool / PU, 50/75/100 mm (custom)

Structure: shipping container steel

Cut-out frames: galvanized steel

Walls: sandwich panels + decor panels 

Roof: insulation, sandwich panels + decor panels 

Floors: sandwich panels + decor plates (bamboo, laminate, PVC, carpet, cheramic tiles)

Windows: plastic steel or aluminium

Doors: plastic steel, steel or security door (custom)

Electricity: CE cert, installed as per national/local standards, breaker, sockets, lights

Water supply: plumbing pipes installed for in and outlet

Features: custom colours, materials, furniture and accessories

Transportation: shipped as a container, transported to site by truck

Installation: set in place with a crane to a foundation or directly upon flat, solid ground


Wind resistance: Grade 11 (violent storm)

Seismic resistance: Grade 8 (severe)

All composite plates are recyclable and we use eco-friendly PU